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Boost your confidence, generate more leads, secure more sales and transition from a wedding supplier to a highly-polished, all-round wedding professional in just 6 months.
There Are Only 15 People In The Programme - If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Are Open...
Weducation is a 6-month programme that’s been specifically developed by a group of wedding industry experts, in collaboration with the award-winning team at Shift Momentum, to help businesses like yours realise their true potential and flourish going forward.

Now we are all guilty of downloading free guides and never reading them; paying for online courses and never watching them; and listening to podcasts with the best will in the world but never actually implementing most of the stuff we learn.

That’s where Weducation differs.

It’s not just a course that you’re expected to follow in your spare time. It’s a 6-month programme that not only lets you learn from the best of the best in the wedding industry, but gives you all the tools and support you need to achieve genuine business success, as well as keeping you accountable along the way.

Yes, it is a commitment in terms of time and money, but what value do you put on the overall success of your business?

If you're:
  • Lacking in confidence
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Struggling to generate enough leads & sales
  • ​Lost when it comes to your business finances
  • ​And not realising your true value
Weducation will not only provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to take charge of your fortunes, it will also add some much-needed accountability to guarantee you succeed.
But there is a little bad news (there always is, right?) And that is there are only 15 spots available for Weducation 2019 (three groups of 5). Once they’re filled, they’re filled and you’ll have to wait until next year for another opportunity like this (that’s if there is a Weducation 2020).

And just think… by that time there will already be 15 other wedding professionals out there utilising everything they learned from this year’s Weducation and really stamping their mark on the wedding industry.

So don’t miss out. And don’t end up regretting not grabbing this opportunity with both hands. 

Be one of the smart 15 wedding business owners who will start transforming their success and their fortunes this year.

...hear from individuals like you who have completed this transformational programme:
When I began this career path, all I knew is that I wanted to create videos, so I just picked up a camera and started making. I didn’t know ANYTHING about how to actually run a business. All the intricacies of it! Danny and Alex have really helped break down those down in a clear and concise manner. Their enthusiasm and positivity I also find extremely motivating.
Tom Fordham - Videographer
Meet your Trainers
Now remember we said that Weducation has been developed by a group of wedding industry experts?

Well check out this line-up! You’re in good hands:
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Meet Tracy,
Founder, WEDx
  • Director of Development - National Association of Wedding Professionals UK
  • Speaker - The National Wedding Shows NEC, Olympia and Excel
  • Founder - Four Counties Wedding Awards - Four Counties Wedding Directory
  • Entrepreneur & Mentor - Wedding Professionals
  • Speaker - Bridelux Symposium, 2019
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Meet Lee,
Founder, Walkabout Magic
  • Author - Step 2017
  • Speaker - Jellybean, WEDx 
  • Trainer - Wedding Supplier Coach
  • Entrepreneur & Mentor - Wedding Professionals
  • Trade Show Presenter - Excel, Dubai, Olympia
  • ​Built a 6-figure Wedding Business
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Meet Alex,
Founder, Shift Momentum
  • Award Winning Entrepreneur
  • Owner of a Portfolio of Service Businesses
  • Trainer - Small Business Owners
  • Business Person of the Year - Hunts Post 2017
  • ​Built Multiple Businesses From Scratch
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Meet Danny,
Founder, Shift Momentum
  • Multiple Business Owner & Entrepreneur
  • 30 under 30 - 2016
  • Trainer - Small Business Owners
  • ​​Built Multiple Businesses From Scratch
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Meet Scott,
Founder, Phebys Accountants
  • Chartered Certified Accountant
  • 30 Years Experience in Finance & Business
  • ​Built Multiple 6-figure Businesses
  • ​Investor in Multiple Businesses
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Meet Hayley,
Managing Director, Keystone Marketing
  • Passion for Serving Local Businesses
  • Many Years Experience in Marketing
  • ​Expert in Marketing Strategy
  • ​Investor in Multiple Businesses
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Meet Russ,
Owner, Redesign
  • 25 Years Experience in Design and Marketing
  • Multiple business owner
  • ​Branded large and small local businesses
  • ​Passion for Seeing Businesses Grow through Great Branding
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Meet Lenka,
Founder, Lenka Koppova Social Media
  • Helping Badass Entrepreneurs with Social Media
  • Part of CambridgeSpace, CamCreatives and CambridgeOnline
  • ​Founded Multiple Businesses
  • ​Spearheaded the first Social Media Conference in Cambridge
Secure your spot today
You can secure your spot on the Weducation programme today by filling out a short survey, during which you’ll be asked to indicate your preferred payment method. For ultimate flexibility, we’ve got three payment options to choose from. Simply pick the one that suits you best:

12 Month Payment Plan: Initial deposit of £197 +VAT followed by 11 monthly payments of £197 +VAT - Total £2,364 +VAT

6 Month Payment Plan: Initial deposit of £377 +VAT followed by 5 monthly payments of £377 +VAT - Total £2,262 +VAT (saving you £102)

Upfront Payment: Total £1,997 +VAT (saving you £367)

You can secure your spot and indicate your preferred payment option by filling out the survey. Just click SAVE MY SPOT below.
  • Photobooth
  • ​DJ
  • ​Magician
  • ​Videographer
  • ​Bridal retailer
  • Photographer
  • ​Fireworks specialist
  • ​Marquee supplier
  • ​Production team
  • ​Stationary & favour designer
  • Prop hire
  • Florist
  • Master of ceremonies
  • ​Wedding planner
  • ​Cake maker
  • Venue stylist
  • Hairdresser
  • Menswear specialist
  • ​Venue
  • ​Caterer
...The Weducation programme is going to be right up your aisle!
Month 1
The importance of strategy
In this first session, Alex and Tracy will take you through the importance of establishing your Vision, Mission and goals/objectives (both business and personal). Then, together, you will create all of these fundamental components for your own business.

Using the Vision and Objectives elements from the Shift Toolkit, you’ll learn what you need to do to steadily work towards smashing your goals.

We’ll show you how to develop a growth mindset that will help you overcome challenges, smash your goals and 10X your results.

So much of your business success is driven by mindset. It can literally be the difference between you setting the world on fire, or just plodding along.

Month 2
Creating a killer product offering
In month two, Tracy and Danny will look with you at your brand positioning i.e. where your product/service fits in the market (including competitor analysis). They’ll help you develop customer personas (including demographics, behaviour patterns, motivations and goals) for the people you want to engage with. Then, together, you’ll look at things like pricing, packaging and your overall offering to see if they are all designed to encourage the people who matter to your business.

With your target customers known and a set of customer personas defined, you’ll then be in a position to more clearly focus on your marketing, messaging and product offering to attract the most valuable visitors, leads and potential customers to your business.

After lunch, Shift partner and business owner Lee Smith will take you through defining your WIDIFY (Why I Do It For You). It’s a principle that he’s developed which enables businesses to better articulate what it is they do for their customers i.e. what problems do they solve, what benefits do they bring, etc.

At the end of the day, you may have an incredible product or an outstanding service, but if you cannot explain to potential customers how it benefits them, you won’t garner many sales. That’s where WIDIFY comes in…

Month 3
Drive those all-important sales
In month three, with your customer journey optimised and your WIDIFY developed, Alex and Lee will show you how to boost your chances of securing those all-important sales. 

You’ll discover how to shift from selling a product/service to selling an entire experience. This extremely powerful and impactful sales technique converts the maximum number of leads for your business. You’ll also go over the important and extremely beneficial role networking and collaboration can play when it comes to maximising your ROI.

So, in a nutshell, you’ll find out how to identify opportunities, develop a killer sales pitch, nail negotiations, drive more sales and learn more about the all-important follow-up process.

Month 4
Knowing your business numbers
In month four, Scott and Danny will take you through an aspect of your business that daunts many people: knowing your numbers (or your business finances). You’ll learn about the financial language of business, as well as key information regarding budgets and setting appropriate targets. 

You’ll also discover how to better analyse your business, allowing you to make informed decisions when it comes to reallocating cash and optimising your bottom line for maximum return.

By breaking down all the financial jargon into plain English, you’ll gain a much greater understanding of all your business numbers and feel infinitely more confident going forward.

Month 5
Appealing to the people who matter to you
In month five, you’ll benefit from a morning mastermind session with organic social media expert Lenka Koppova. You’ll be given tangible advice on how to ensure you are getting maximum ROI from your social media efforts and significantly boost your chances of attracting the right people.

Lenka will cover three main social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, providing you with a fantastic overview of each, as well as a bunch of top tips you’ve probably overlooked. You’ll break for lunch feeling more enlightened and confident than ever as to how social media can transform your wedding business’s fortunes.

Then, in the afternoon, Hayley and Danny will guide you through all things marketing. You will learn how to define your customer journey, which will help increase the number of leads you get and ultimately improve your conversion rates.

You’ll also revisit the customer personas you created in month two and discover how to better align your marketing efforts so they align better with your customer journeys.

We will look at your marketing touch points (on average there are 8) and we will help you identify where you can increase your conversion rate and decrease your dropouts. You’ll come away understanding what a brand is and why consistency in all your marketing messages is so important.

Month 6
Making more money by scaling up
In the sixth and final month, Alex will not only explain, but take you through the process of scaling up your wedding business. Off the back of this session, you will also learn how to build a bible for your business that will give it strength as it scales.

You’ll learn about the power of automation, how to boost efficiency, how to make your employees more productive and define your plan to scale based on your goals. 

We’ll also cover how maintaining growth can (and usually does) have an impact on the day to day running of a business. It’s an element of business that’s often overlooked, but the reality is it’s absolutely essential. After all, you want to be running your business, not the other way around, right?

Branding your business well
As a way to celebrate what you have achieved on the course we will be putting on a Special Bonus Session. Russ will take you through the process of branding your business well. Russ has over 25 years experience in this field.

As it is the final session there will also be a celebration of everything you have done with food and drink provided.

It's not just a programme that ends after 6 months…
Free 15 minute Zoom call prior to programme

The Shift Wedding Business Toolkit that you can use in many aspects of your business
Over 30 hours of face to face training with our wedding experts
One full day Marketing Strategy workshop with brilliant Marketing Agencies
A Secret Facebook group for support and accountability

Limited to 5 per group to keep everything personal

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